ooh, la la.

dominique cohen designs each piece of jewelry
to look beautiful solo,
and play beautifully with others.

build a cameleon of looks
that express your mood and style.

use complementary subtleties — link and stone textures, weights, hues — to build a jewelry wardrobe that's forever fresh and oh, so you.

scroll down for season-fresh hot ideas.

tantalizing pinks
brilliant blues
gorgeous greens
pastel pearls
black and white sparklers
breezy earrings
stacks, stacks, stacks!

this season

hot, hot, hot:

stacks — the new black.

stack 'em up!
rings, bangles, pendants
in arrays of settings, gemstones, diamond and gold colors.

rearrange the stack;
toss in a new piece:
hot new look!

dominique's innovative huggie bangles
are perfect for stacking!
patterns, and gemstone and diamond colors to suit every lifestyle.

shop our stack look suggestions;
scroll through our instagram feed for more ideas.
on fire looks you will rock!

this season

hot, hot, hot:

tantalizing pinks.

go bold, go genteel.
be in the pink this season!

complement with rose gold,
white and champagne diamonds.

express your life style.

this season

hot, hot, hot:

gorgeous greens.

go sheer, go saturated.
even tip-toe toward the blues.
lavish yourself in greens this season!

add the perfect pendant
(you know we've got the one — the dozen!)