this season

This season we're loving rich, dark tones that shimmer in the angling light. And filaments of gold glistening with diamonds — all colors of diamonds!

mix and match to build a chameleon of looks that express your mood and style.

Scroll for ideas, or Contact us to schedule a one-on-one jewelry wardrobing appointment.

All pieces made in the USA, most by hand.

neck mess glam,
dark, glistening pearls;
smoldering reds;
dimensional blue-greens;
diamond-infused arrays, and
stacks, stacks, stacks!

on trend

stack up that

neck mess glam.

stack up those pendants,
layer those gold and diamond-infused chains
and glistening, deep-tone pearls!

mix delicate accents
with bolder shapes and charms.

we've got the perfect
bespoke + foundation pieces
for you neck mess party this season!

on trend

hot colorways

dimensional greens, iridescent blues.

on trend

gemstone, diamond

stacks — the new black.

stack 'em up!
rings, bangles, pendants.
let's see those gemstones, settings,
and of course diamonds, diamonds, diamonds.

rearrange a stack, or add a new piece:
whole new look!

our innovative ‘huggie’ bangles
fit snugly to the wrist.
they're gloriously comfortable
and perfect for stacking.