each piece of dominique cohen jewelry is designed both to stand on its own and coordinate with other pieces.

build a cameleon of looks, of expressions of your mood and style.
complementary subtleties — link shape, weight, texture; stone hue; diamond accent; gold color; gold combinations — help you build a jewelry wardrobe over time that can always feel new and oh, so you.

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fall '18

what's hot:

stacks — the new black.

stack 'em up!
rings, bangles, pendants
in arrays of golds, gemstones, patterns;
lines and colors.

rearrange the stack — or add a new piece —
whole new look!

it's your collection,
express your style.
shop dc looks; peruse our instagram:
gorgeous new ideas that'll look great on you.

fall '18

what's hot:

sumptuous, deep jewel tones.

deep greens, ocean blues, smokey opulence;
golden lines, diamond rows, pattern stacks
lighting rich, dark luxury.