oh, so feminine

  • delicate 42 inch rose gold chains in various textures and styles, worn long, soften the classic buddha head pendant and diamond cross.  Oh, so feminine.

feminine, delicate, soft-tone rose gold, in varying styles
layered for texture,
a solid gold buddha pendant and diamond lined cross at center stage.
oh, so feminine.

$5,800.00  $4,500.00 Sale
Three dimensional solid 18k rose gold buddha head with diamond bindi
$4,750.00  $3,500.00 Sale
Best core layering chain: In 18k rose gold, lightly textured links, 42 inch length. Perfect jewelry box staple!
$2,500.00  $1,850.00 Sale
18k rose gold and rose pyrite beads delicate layering necklace, 42 inch length. Great for adding texture and color pop!
$5,850.00  $4,500.00 Sale
18k rose gold mini buddha link delicate layering necklace, 42 inch length
$6,400.00  $5,000.00 Sale
18k rose gold chain with thin, elegant, elongated links. Perfect for layering; interesting enough to wear solo. 42 inch length.
$7,800.00  $5,850.00 Sale
18k rose gold bamboo links create a mesh that adds great texture to neck stacks; 42 inch length