Delicate loops of rose gold, diamond, black diamond and moonstone pendants, and diamond accented elongated hoop earrings: great look for Fall

Delicate textures of deep blues, greens, blacks, whites
lit by diamonds and a sunset of flaxen gold.
rippling circular and cascading lines.

elegant.  versatile.  fabulous.

blue diamond pavé ring coming soon; available in-store at the beverly hills boutique.
white diamond version listed below.

$2,850.00  $2,200.00 Sale
Easy breezy face-front duster earring is casual, sexy, and its diamond deco fringe detail rocks the look! 18k gold , textured circle, white diamond chevron fringe.
$2,850.00  $2,350.00 Sale
Concentric diamond circles pendant in 18k gold
$4,500.00  $3,600.00 Sale
Concentric diamond circles pendant in 18k yellow gold
$6,400.00  $4,800.00 Sale
Limited edition oblong pendant featuring cabochon green tourmaline surrounded by diamonds; diamond-studded, oversized clasp makes the look all the more special.
$6,400.00  $5,000.00 Sale
Delicate 18k gold chain with blue diamond circlets separated by fine chain. Wear long or looped.
$5,800.00  $4,500.00 Sale
cool and sophisticated, this black diamond 42 inch layering necklace from our malibu collection is trŽs chic.
$2,500.00  $1,750.00 Sale
This iolite and 18k gold necklace is a bestselling classic. Deep tone blue, and 18k gold. So versatile! Delicate solo—long or looped—or layer to bring delicate scale and texture to your core chains and other pieces.
$5,400.00  $4,000.00 Sale
Handsome polished labradorite with diamond detailing in a oh, so comfortable snug-fit 18k gold bangle by dominique cohen; also available in rose gold.
$7,800.00  $6,000.00 Sale
close-fitting modern bangle in 18 karat yellow gold and diamonds
$5,400.00  $4,000.00 Sale
close-fitting modern comfort bangle in 18 karat gold and blue diamonds
$2,800.00  $2,200.00 Sale
18k yellow gold and 0.37ct diamond delicate stack ring. Hand made. Goes with everything!
$3,200.00  $2,500.00 Sale
18k yellow gold and 0.37ct yellow diamond delicate stack ring. Hand made. Chic tone on tone!
$6,000.00  $4,500.00 Sale
classic diamond pavé cigar band in solid 18k gold
$2,850.00  $2,200.00 Sale
oval shaped diamonds alternate with two-up diamond bead stacks in this fabulous solid 14k gold ring; great solo or layered with other rings
$2,600.00  $1,850.00 Sale
18k gold stacking ring with 0.4ct of marquise and bead diamonds
$2,600.00  $1,850.00 Sale
14k gold and 0.33ct diamond ovals ring. Designer diamond stack rings by Dominique Cohen, Beverly Hills.