gorgeous greens and teals

$2,800.00  $2,200.00 Sale
18k yellow gold and emerald delicate stack ring. Hand made. Beautiful!
$7,500.00  $5,800.00 Sale
Round, faceted emeralds in subtly graduating sizes within an 18k yellow gold carved-link chain; 18 inch length. Perfect solo, perfect for layering. Quality made in the USA.
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18k gold rutilated actinolite pendant with black diamond details; actinolite is said to add positivity and psychic balance.
$5,800.00  $4,200.00 Sale
Snug-fit modern bangle in 18 karat gold with green tourmaline and black diamonds. Gorgeous! By dominique cohen, Beverly Hills.
$5,800.00  $4,500.00 Sale
18k gold green tourmaline and diamond pendant
$3,400.00  $2,400.00 Sale
Beautiful, earthy, faceted rough cut emeralds are a wonderful add to any wardrobe. Classic stone; modern look. Great for layering with anything black! In 18 karat yellow gold.
$2,850.00  $2,200.00 Sale
18k yellow gold and emerald beads delicate layering necklace, 42 inch length. Classic Dominique Cohen versatile texture and color pop!
$2,500.00  $1,850.00 Sale
This mixed tourmaline and 18k gold necklace is a bestselling classic. Deep tone blue, and 18k gold. So versatile! Delicate solo—long or looped—or layer to bring delicate scale and texture to your core chains and other pieces.
$5,800.00  $3,500.00 Sale
18k gold green tourmaline drop earrings with diamond surround
$48,000.00  $28,500.00 Sale
Stunning dangling earrings featuring rows of yellow diamonds surrounding a rare green diamond. Wow! Set in 18k gold. Another stunner by dominique cohen.
$5,800.00  $3,400.00 Sale
18k gold 42" green sapphire cluster necklace; 18k gold smokey blue sapphire cluster necklace. Quality designer jewelry by Dominique Cohen, Beverly Hills.
$1,300.00  $950.00 Sale
18k gold opal delicate necklace, 22 inch length. Beautiful style and blue-green iridescent colors.
$5,800.00  $4,200.00 Sale
Beautiful Australian opals and diamonds set in 18k gold bangle. DC-original, snug to the wrist, no-roll fit makes our bangles the ultimate luxury. Stack 'em up!
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not for sale
Stunning pariaba tourmaline earrings with diamond surround; teardrop shape; in 18k rose gold
$3,200.00  $2,200.00 Sale
18k yellow gold and apatite beads pretty layering necklace, 42 inch
$5,800.00  $4,400.00 Sale
18k yellow gold 20mm round aquamarine cabochon pendant with diamond surround and braided gold side detailing
$2,850.00  $2,200.00 Sale
18k yellow gold 13mm round aquamarine cabochon pendant with diamond surround and braided gold side detailing. Also available in 20mm size.
$3,200.00  $2,500.00 Sale
18k rose gold and faceted emerald beryl pale green 42 inch necklace
$4,800.00  $2,600.00 Sale
Large aquamarine nugget necklace. Pale green to seafoam colors. 18k gold with solid 18k gold inline coin charm. 22 inch length. Designer jewelry for summer.
$1,500.00  $950.00 Sale
Retro-cut phrenite teardrop pendant with 18k yellow gold hardware (large)
$3,400.00  $2,750.00 Sale
Cabochon aquamarine (polished but not faceted) 25ct cocktail ring in 18k yellow gold
$3,600.00  $2,750.00 Sale
Chunky faceted aquamarine 12ct cocktail ring in 18k gold
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not for sale
18k gold green diamond ring with white diamond setting by dominique cohen, beverly hills. Limited edition.
$2,850.00  $2,200.00 Sale
Alluring stone cut and quality prevail in this delicate mixed tourmaline beauty! Wonderful paired up, or as a soft feminine pop of sparkly color worn solo. In 18k rose gold.
$3,400.00  $2,750.00 Sale
Chunks of pink tourmaline, in all the stone's gorgeous hue variations, on an 18k rose gold chain. Gorgeous! No two are exactly alike.
$2,600.00  $1,800.00 Sale
Vintage gold and aquamarine nugget long necklace, 42 inch