deep sea blues

  • Fall chic

tourmaline, sapphires, imperial kynite, labradorite, black spinel,
in juxtaposed textures,
lit by delicate-link yellow gold
and rings of diamonds:
soothing, steady, deep-tone chic.

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Limited edition oblong pendant featuring cabochon green tourmaline surrounded by diamonds; diamond-studded, oversized clasp makes the look all the more special.
Diamond studded hoop pendant in 18k gold on 22 inch 18k gold chain. Great for layering with other charms and pendants. Also available in smaller sizes.
Deep blue-green blue sapphire and 18k yellow gold 22 inch necklace by dominique cohen
deep, rich, and definitely "imperial," this kynite stunner with delicate chain detail is fab on it's own or layered with others. In 18k gold.
This iolite and 18k gold necklace is a bestselling classic. Deep tone blue, and 18k gold. So versatile! Delicate solo—long or looped—or layer to bring delicate scale and texture to your core chains and other pieces.
18k gold chain necklace you have to have; in 22 inch and 42 inch lengths. So versatile! Wear alone, or hang a great pendant — or three!
Faceted labradorite beads that glisten cool, murmuring tones; accented by our open, textured links for interest and light. Sexy. Goes solo. Plays well with others from your collection. In 18k yellow gold.