cascades, of gold

  • Cascades of fine, 18k gold delicate chains.  Chic -- and versatile!

steams of texture —
yellow gold, rose gold, black gold, mixed.
long strand, or short:
play with lengths to reflect your mood and style.
top off the look with a sparkling ring stack.
classic — and versatile — dc style.

$4,750.00  $3,500.00 Sale
Best core layering chain: In 18k yellow gold, lightly textured links, 42 inch length. Perfect jewelry box staple!
$6,800.00  $5,200.00 Sale
18k yellow gold classic opera chain updated for the coming season: Clean, architectural, versatile! A must have for every jewelry wardrobe.
$5,850.00  $4,500.00 Sale
18k yellow gold mini buddha link delicate layering necklace, 42 inch length
$2,500.00  $1,850.00 Sale
18k yellow gold and yellow pyrite beads delicate layering necklace, 42 inch length. Great for adding texture and color pop!
$2,800.00  $2,200.00 Sale
18k yellow gold and 0.37ct diamond delicate stack ring. Hand made. Goes with everything!
$2,800.00  $2,200.00 Sale
18k yellow gold and blue diamond hand-set delicate stacking ring
$3,800.00  $2,900.00 Sale
Cool and comfortable 18k yellow gold thick, cigar band ring with diamond cross and centerline detail