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celebrating our 5th year at the glen!
Posted on 8/14/2014
we are celebrating our 5th year at the glen!  we are thrilled to be apart of this great business community and neighborhood.

we make every effort to make our customers feel at home when they come in and over the years we've built strong relationships with our customers. we like to spend the time understanding our customers needs and lifestyle so we can provide the best service possible for everyone's indivdual needs.

since our business is based on collecting over time, we can help clients build their 'jewelry wardrobe' to maximize their investment.  we also like to 'wish list' items that work back to what they currently own and have it on file for perhaps a special gift!

the glen has so much to offer with it's neighborhood feel, convenience of valet parking and the beautiful setting.  this hidden gem is a place where celebrities shop regularly under the radar and no need to go to a big mall and fight traffic when it's all right here! here's a list of the shops here at the glen.

start the day with a cappuccino at starbucks, spend the day shopping at the fine boutiques, visit dominique cohen for a wardrobing appointment, have lunch at charlie's pantry, get a blow out at luxlab and finish your day with a glass of wine at fabrocini's!  sounds like a perfect day!
the more, the merrier!
Posted on 6/30/2014
when it comes to bracelets...the more the merrier, right?   It's so much fun to mix and match, collect as each piece tells a story.  whether it's charm bracelets, tennis bracelets, cuffs, bangles or beads - they all look great worn alone or piled on.

our iconic bangles include bamboo, textured, buddha, classic, champagne bubble, classic diamond, triple diamond, and multi diamond.  they are available in 18k rose gold & 18k yellow gold and are available in small or large.  these are solid gold, not hollow so you can feel the quality of these handmade bangles!

we have coordinating dominique cohen hoop earrings to match many of our motifs (below is 18K rose gold bamboo bangle paired with 2 inch hoop).  they are so classic and wearable.

are latest bangles mix some of our iconic motifs with new blackened bangles. pictured below: bamboo, textured and champagne in 18 gold mixed with our sexy noir. the sexy noir bangles are darkened in patina bath,  hand finished, then coated.  gorgeous!

spring - pop of color!
Posted on 4/2/2014
spring is in full swing and it's time to brighten up your wardrobe!  wearing neutrals (beige, white, nude, soft pink) is a great backdrop to showcase your jewelry!  what jewelry you wear is really what people notice.

this season we're loving the cool tones in all shades of blue/green.  our new apatite opal cabochon necklace is such a bright, translucent, watery aqua blue/green coloration that is a great scale to wear with a gold chain or just wear alone either long or doubled!  pair it with an aquamarine pendant and it's absolutely stunning!

another way to add a pop of color this spring is with some fun earrings!  these are 3 of our fav's that make a killer statement!

18k yg, chalcedony boho teardrop earring 

18k yg, retro dreamcatcher aqua briolette earrings

18k yg, blue topaz boho teardrop earring

just click here and have fun shopping for that spring pop of color!
happy new year!
Posted on 1/17/2014
happy new year! it's that time of year when we make new goals, start fresh and look forward to the future!

if you're one who has jewelry that you never wear, make it your goal this year to take inventory, organize and build your jewelry wardrobe!  we believe in mixing your own jewelry with new to get the most out of your investment. it is an investment, so you'll want to make the right choices when building your wardrobe. no more buying things you don't wear!

here's the first building block to your wardrobe.  a gold chain.  it's versatile, can be mixed with gemstones, pearls, layered with other necklaces and you can add enhancers to again change your look. 

first, determining the length you want.  our chains come in 22 inch and 42 inch.  your personal preference, profession, type of clothing you wear and how much you want to spend will help you in determining the length.  

second, determine the style you like.  we are known for our gold chains and below are the most popular styles. all are hand made by our team of talented artisans in los angeles, have our signature dc tag and have the flexibility to be worn at different lengths and different ways.  all are great basics to building your wardrobe so it's really about your personal preference.

the small carved ring opera chain is available in rose gold, yellow gold and mixed gold (as shown below).  available in 42 inch length.

the mini 'buddha' opera chain necklace is available in both rose gold (shown below) and yellow gold. available in 22 inch and 42 inch length.

the classic modern ethereal chain necklace available in rose gold and yellow gold (shown below). available in 42 inch length.

the classic opera chain necklace is available in rose gold, yellow gold and mixed gold (as shown below). available in 42 inch length. (see december 2013 blog on ways to wear our opera chain).

you are now on your way to the first step in building your jewelry wardrobe!  play around with necklaces you have, mix and match and stay tuned for items to layer with your new gold chain!
add some sparkle for the holidays!
Posted on 12/19/2013
with the holidays quickly approaching, it's time to prep for those holiday parties!  a solid color dress in a jewel-tone such as ruby or emerald is always a good choice.  of course, you can always rely on your go-to little black dress in a pinch.  what sets your attire from 'just another party' are the accessories you choose.

these classic bella micro diamond earrings are made out of 18k gold and set with micro diamonds.  the goal is to get the diamonds close together without much of the metal showing so you really get that added sparkle!

all of our micro diamond pieces are hand-crafted by our talented team of artisans in los angeles. each diamond is set by hand, one at a time, under a microscope making each piece unique.

this stunning necklace is perfect for the holidays...laced with diamonds yet it's all very tasteful and subtle so it's not over the top.  we like to call this our 'everyday bling' necklace.  it transitions well from day to night and with this, you can't go wrong!

and now for the stunner!

dom actually wore this 'deco' pendant to the 84th academy awards. for a piece like this, the diamonds are selected and matched so that the sizing blends perfectly in order to have maximum visual presentation and consistency within the work on this pendant. the diamonds again are set close together with the minimum amount of metal showing to obtain that 'wow' factor.  also shown with front facing micro diamond necklace, used to frame the pendant.  this too can be custom made for you!

adorn yourself and shop our micro diamond collection today!

wishing all of you a happy holiday and a happy new year! - the dc team
opera chain - versatility for the investment!
Posted on 11/20/2013
if you're going to "invest" in your jewelry, you want make sure it's something you can wear again and again, over a life time.  we also believe it's important to collect pieces that are versatile and work back to other items in your collection. so when it comes to versatility, there's nothing like our 18k opera chain!

what we love most about this necklace is it can be worn many different ways to give you a variety of looks depending on what you're wearing or where you're headed.  every gal should have a gold chain necklace in their jewelry box!

here's a basic way to wear your opera chain, as a long necklace which looks great with a crisp white blouse or with a shift dress.  it's 42 inches in length so it will elongate your overall stature.

if you're wearing a top that doesn't lend well to a long chain, try doubling it!  wear it mid-length or shorter around your neckline. the 2 layers will draw the eye to your face and will make a statement!

all of our dominique cohen enhancers have attachable clasps so you're able add one, two, or three enhancers for a completely different look.  have fun mixing and matching different topaz teardrop? baroque fireball pearl?  micro diamond cross? classic goddess coin?  wear the traditional way or mix it up and wear them on the side!

if you have the type of outfit where you want to add a dramatic look, lariat it!  the iconic 18k gold dc logo is a a nice finish or again, add some enhancers!  if you're wearing a backless dress, lariat it down the back for a very sexy look!

layer by adding your own or other dc necklaces with the opera chain.  whether it's pearls or other gemstones, it will add some dimension and make your look unique!  the dominique cohen opera chain is available in either 18k rose gold, yellow gold or mixed gold (both rose and yellow) so you can also pair it with another gold chain you may already have or add a smaller dominique cohen chain such as the buddha chain.  have fun playing with scale as well as texture!

even more ways to wear!
wrap it several times around your wrist!  add a goddess coin or some other charm if you want. and yes, you can even wear it as a belt!

click here to purchase dominique cohen 18k mixed gold opera chain.
Posted on 10/14/2013
so it's now october and we've all been anxiously awaiting season 3 of ABC's hit show Revenge!  what drama will another summer in the hampton's bring?  one thing is for sure...emily vancamp, who plays emily thorne on the show continues her take down the grayson's!  her plans for vengeance keep us all tuned in, but what we really love to watch is the fashion!

whether it's victoria grayson's (madeline stowe) fitted sheath dresses or ashley davenport's (ashley madekwe) trendy outfits, they are all so well done and inspiring for all of us who love fashion.

we are excited that some of dominique cohen's most iconic pieces have been featured on these well dressed vixens.

check out our pinterest page to see the other earrings and necklaces madeline stowe aka. victoria grayson wore on revenge. the open weave cuff bracelet emily vancamp aka. emily thorne wore in the episode where she met daniel is a personal fav and iconic dc!!

rich & luscious rubies for fall!
Posted on 9/27/2013
what comes to your mind when you think of fall?  reading books by the fire on a lazy sunday? the smell of apple pie baking in the oven? the changing color of leaves as autumn approaches?

when it comes to fashion, fall is the time when we swap that maxi dress for the warm cashmere sweater and boots!  this fall, try wearing neutrals...cremes, tans, greys, and pair with a rich gemstone colors to give your outfit that polished look.  we believe jewelry is the 'wardrobe' and clothing is the accessory! wear something that's got a nice neckline, great texture and color so the 'canvas' will showcase your necklace.  

this completely handmade, dominique cohen ruby necklace is so rich and luscious... it will add that sparkle to your outfit! the cabochon rubies and 18k gold necklace is 42 inches in length which gives it a lot of versatility. you can wear it as a long single strand with a blouse to work or try doubling it when you head out to dinner.  for yet another look, layer it with a gold chain!  

tired of wearing diamond studs?  these ruby waterfall earrings are lightweight and playful...perfect when wearing your hair up!  

every woman should have a ruby strand in their jewelry box!  do you have yours?
have you heard the 'news?'
Posted on 8/22/2012
have you been tuning into The Newsroom? it's Aaron Sorkin's new hit show on hbo with an all star cast! Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Olivia Munn and Sam Waterston and guest star Jane Fonda just to name a few!


our classic delicate coin necklace has been featured regularly on television and in film and we are delighted that it is Emily's talisman piece for her character Mackenzie McHale.

it is a great basic for every day wear and looks fabulous with other chains layered over it for a personalized and chic look.

the french 'griffon' coins are both yellow and rose gold. each coin in hand cast and is hand assembled in los angeles. 18k and is a 20 inch chain but has the versatility to be worn at various lengths. this could be your signature piece!

click here to see other dominique cohen jewelry featured on the show!

modern twist to a classic look
Posted on 6/22/2012
when you think of pearls what's the first thing that pops into your head? for me, it's that stunning image of audrey hepburn from "breakfast at tiffany's". classic, chic and timeless. the finest quality pearls have been highly valued as objects of beauty for many centuries. some things go in and out of style but pearls are always in, just like audrey! pearls are iconic to dominique cohen and our collection is suited for your individuality as each pearl also has it's own texture, shape and look.

our luscious baroque tahitian pearl strand is uniquely combined with our signature 'goddess' coin enhancer set into strand for a more modern look. baroque pearls are simply pearls that have an irregular shape. the multi-coloration of the tahitian pearls allows for this fab necklace to work back to any coloration. you can dress it up and down, double it up, or wear long and layer with another chain. versatility makes this a great investment piece and enhancement to your wardrobe!

the warm neutral pink and peach hues of the souffle pearls look great on any skin tone as the natural oils from your skin enhance their lustre. love the name souffle pearls! combine it with the elegant single fireball pearl drop with diamond detail to create a more dramatic look. the drop can then work back with any layered grouping of rose gold or pearl chains. this boho classic is even fabulous when worn all alone.

this season, adorn yourself with something classic and chic for the modern lifestyle... to see our pearl collection please click here

 celebrating our 5th year at the glen!
 the more, the merrier!
 spring - pop of color!
 happy new year!
 add some sparkle for the holidays!
 opera chain - versatility for the investment!
 rich & luscious rubies for fall!
 have you heard the 'news?'
 modern twist to a classic look

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